Peach Varieties & Ripening Dates

Here at Pearson Farm, we grow three types of peaches: Clingstone, Semi-Clingstone and Freestone Peaches. From these types we have over 30 varieties.

Clingstone peaches are the first to ripen on our farm. This peach gets its name from the flesh stubbornly clinging to the stone or pit. Sweet Clingstone peaches are perfect for preserving, canning, pickling or freezing.

Semi-Clingstone Peaches are a hybrid of the Clingstone and Freestone peach types. This type of peach is perfect for any purpose, whether fresh or canned.

Freestone Peaches are the most popular type of peach with many varieties to choose from for your canning, freezing, preserving, dessert purposes or simply enjoying them fresh.

When you place an order for Pearson Farm Peaches, we only ship the Freestone type. The Georgia Peach season, with usual harvest dates by variety, are shown below for your convenience. Keep in mind that Georgia peach season is impacted by weather, water and other conditions, so it is always best to contact us should you have specififc questions about a variety of peach, availability date or other issue.

Clingstone Varieties

Flavorich Mid May
Springcrest Mid May
Carored Mid May
Springprince Mid May
Springflame Late May
Goldprince Late May
Rubyprince Late May
Rich Lady Late May


Semi-Clingstone Varieties

Summerprince Late May
Gala Late May
Sierra Rich Early June
Sureprince Early June


Freestone Varieties

Harvester Mid June
Cary Mac Mid June
Fireprince Mid June
Blazeprince Late June
White Lady (White flesh) Late June
Majestic Late June
Win Blo Late June
Scarletprince Early July
Julyprince Early July
Ruston Red Mid July
Early Augustprince Mid July
Summerflame Mid July
Augustprince Late July