Sweet Georgia Peach FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about our Sweet Georgia peaches. Click a topic to view the answer.

Where do you grow your Georgia peaches?

We grow our peaches in Fort Valley Georgia on the same land that our 
great-great grandparents used. We have grown our peaches and pecans on the same land for over 100 years.

Currently we have about 1500 acres of peach trees on our farm. To read more about Pearson Farm click here.


What varieties of Georgia peaches do you grow?

Currently Pearson farm is growing over 30 varieties of peaches developed specifically for central Georgia. The three main peach types are:

  • Clingstone Peaches
  • Freestone Peaches
  • Semi-Freestone Peaches

During the Summer our sweet, juicy peach varieties will be available through mid August. You can stop by and pick them up or use our online ordering system to ship fresh peaches to friends, family, co-workers and yourself!


What is the difference between Clingstone Peaches, Freestone Peaches and Semi-Freestone Peaches?

Clingstone, Freestone, and Semi-Freestone refers to the pit (seed) and meat of the peach.

  • Meat that does not fall off the pit is called a Clingstone Peach.
  • Meat that falls right off the pit is called a Freestone Peach.
  • Meat that only falls off the pit when the peach is fully ripe is called a Semi-Freestone peach.

To learn more about the differences between the varieties of peaches click here.


What is the difference between yellow peaches and white peaches?

The answer is just what it sounds like; yellow peaches have yellow meat and white peaches have white meat. Most grocery stores carry yellow peaches and rarely ever white peaches.

White peaches and yellow peaches taste different. White peaches are sweeter because they produce more sugar. White peaches also bruise easier and ripen faster than yellow peaches.


Do you grow any white Georgia peaches?

Yes, we grow White Lady peaches. White Lady peaches are a variety of Freestone peaches.

White Lady peaches are one of the best because it has low acid levels and high sugar content.


Do you allow walk-in customers?

Yes, walk-in customers are always welcome at the peach packing shed. You can watch as the peaches go through our packing house, purchase fresh peaches and baked products, preserves, cookbooks and more.

Click here for the location and directions.


When can I get a specific variety of peaches?

First, our Georgia peaches are harvested from mid-May through mid-August.

The first type of peaches that are harvested are the Clingstone Peaches, followed by the Semi-Freestone peaches and finally, Freestone Peaches are available.


What do you mean by tree-ripened peaches?

A tree-ripened peach is a peach that is left on the limb until it is ripe. We pick our peaches off the tree when they are firm-ripe.

We do this because a fully ripened peach bruises easily. This way, we are able to ship a better quality peach to our customers.


What peach is best for freezing?

Any of our peaches can be easily frozen. When wanting to freeze peaches, we recommend using Freestone or Semi-Freestone varieties.

Why Freestone or Semi-Freestone?

The meat falls off of the pit easily.


What peach is best for canning?

We recommend any of our peach varieties for canning.


What peach is best for baking and cooking?

Any of our peach varieties are great for baking. We recommend using the Freestone peach varieties for baking and cooking because it is sweeter and juicier than the other varieties.


Do you pick your peaches by hand?

Yes, all of our sweet Georgia peaches are picked by hand. During the peak season, we employ up to 200 workers. Read more about our farm by clicking here.


Can I pick my own peaches?

The public is welcome to visit us at our packing house for fresh peaches!


Is your peach ice cream home-made?

Yes, our ice cream is home-made, using our finest peaches. We only use the best and freshest ingredients to make our peach ice cream.  Our peach ice cream is so good it was acclaimed in Southern Living Magazine.

Visit Pearson Farm for our homemade peach ice cream.


Do you bake your own cakes, pies and other products?

Yes, we bake all of our cakes, pies, breads and signature pecans right here at Pearson Farm. We use only the best and freshest ingredients for all of our products.

Shop Pearson Farm Baked Goods


Can I purchase peaches wholesale?

Yes, you can purchase peaches wholesale. Wholesale peaches are defined as a truckload of peaches.

If you are interested in purchasing peaches wholesale, please contact 
Will & Bill McGehee at 478-822-9210.