Wholesale Peaches

“An apple is an excellent thing, until you have tried a peach.”
-George du Maurier

For five generations our family has been fortunate enough to grow sweet Georgia peaches; and if you've never had one of our Pearson peaches, you haven't lived yet! We work tirelessly around the clock to bring you the sweetest, safest, highest-quality peaches available in the United States of America. We are proud of the fact that we never take shortcuts and do the little things that TRULY set our peaches apart from the rest. A Pearson peach will have the intense flavor, sweetness, size, shelf-life and consistency that will outperform any peach grown in the United States. Our references are long and our reputation has been genuinely earned.  If you are looking for wholesale opportunities, please reach out to us at the number provided below.

Will & Bill McGehee

A few facts about our peach season that might help you plan for a profitable summer:

  • Timing: A typical peach season at Pearson Farm runs from May 15 - August 10
  • Varieties: Pearson Farm grows over 30 varieties of yellow flesh peaches (including Elberta's)
    1. Clingstones: From May 15 - June 15 (peach flesh that clings to the pit and will not release)
    2. Freestones: From June 15 - August 10 (peach flesh that separates from the pit once you slice into the fruit)
    3. White Peaches: White Lady variety, starting June 25th and harvested for 2 weeks
  • Grade: Pearson Farm peaches are hand-picked, washed and graded several times and are separated into three grades:
    1. #1 Grade: Well-formed, non-blemished fruit which is firm yet fully mature. Each peach in a box is sized for consistency of pack.
    2. #2 Grade: Still firm and mature, each peach will have a blemish (hail peck, limb rub, growth crack, etc) that comes off with the peel.
    3. #3 Grade: Soft, ripe and ready to be eaten the day you pick them up
  • Packaging: All fruit is hand-packed into a 25 pound, 1/2 bushel box (Tray-pack is available upon request)
  • Pricing: Please call for updated pricing but you can reasonably expect our #1 grade to be the most expensive and our #3's to be the least expensive.