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Oh Lordy- the peaches are perfectly ripe today, and I have eaten 7 already. They are divine and I thank you so much.
Gail King
MY HUSBAND JUST RECEIVED HIS PEACHES AND WENT BALLISTIC!!!! They are truly the best tasting peaches ON THIS EARTH!!! A they are so delicious that word does not describe them.... THANK YOU THANK YOU AND WE WILL BE TAKING A TRIP TO GEORGIA!!!!! Many thanks
Julie Montgomery - Cape Coral Florida
We got a crate of your peaches off the truck you sent to Minnesota and Wisconsin. They are the best peaches I have ever had. My 3-year-old and I sat and ate 3 of them right out of the box. Thank you for sending some of your Georgia peaches up North to us. I am not sure they will make it to see jam. 
Theresa Gavin-Kubitz
I just wanted to say thank you for the most wonderful peaches I have had, in a very very long time. I was amazed that they came so quickly; I had just walked in from work and my Aunt had the boxes open and there they were. I did not even take time to wash the one I grabbed, it was juicy and it made my day. I definitely will be ordering more.  Thank you very much
Mary Wallace
I wanted to write and let you know how very pleased we are with our peach order. This is the third time we've ordered from your farm; two peach orders and one pecan order. Every order has been perfection! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful the peaches were the first time we ordered. All I can say is that we'd never had peaches until we had Pearson Farm peaches! They were each like little globes of sunshine! And this was from a year when the peach crop wasn't good! So we were keeping our fingers crossed that this second order would hold up to the first, and all I can say is we shouldn't have worried at all. The order arrived very quickly and all the peaches were tucked in their little nests and were absolutely perfect! A few days to ripen on the counter and we once again are in peach heaven! Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful summer treat! Looking forward to placing a pecan order for the holidays!
Jennifer from Michigan