Pure Chocolate Pecan Halves

Extra-large Pearson Pecans enrobed in pure milk chocolate. Gloriously decadent! When you want chocolate covered pecans, nothing short of perfection will settle your craving. For more than 100 years, we've been producing pecans that were made to be covered in chocolate.

Our delicious Chocolate Drenched Pecan Halves only ship during the cooler months of October-March. 

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Product Name Price
Pure Chocolate Pecan Halves | 12 Ounce Gift Box | Medium
Pure Chocolate Pecan Halves | 24 Ounce Gift Box | Large

We smother our pecans in the finest pure milk chocolate. This unique flavor combination of pecans and creamy milk chocolate will soon become your new food obsession. It is hard to eat just one. Our chocolates are packaged in special boxes perfect for gift giving-to yourself or someone else!

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